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Chet Byers with a band.

about chetsville live

Who or what is Chetsville? That’s the question I am sure most of you are asking by now. Well, it all started back in 2006 when Chet Byers began helping his brother Bobby run the bar he had purchased. The bar was better known as Bud N’ Tooties, and boy did Chet do a killer job at promoting that place.

He began to bring in local musicians who played their own original music for some live entertainment. The customers enjoyed this so much that he decided to start booking larger touring bands. He would just pick up the phone and call their agents, sometimes he acquired the help of Randy Airhart.

Chet then started hosting larger shows at Bud N’ Tooties, which led him to put on Budd’s Fest. Bands like Acoustic Hookah, Stage Coach Robbery, and musician Jackie Laponza would bring in huge crowds of over 300 to the bar. 

In 2014, it was sold to a new owner, but that did not stop Chet from staying on to book more  shows and events. He began booking live music for other businesses as well including: Tilted Kilt (in the Canton and Columbus region), The Broadway Brewhouse, JNG Grill, Somerdale Inn, EDS Ranch, The Back Alley, and Art On The Alley. 

Growing up Chet was always a huge fan of Hank Williams. His love for music still continues today as he ventures into new and exciting projects. He had never thought that this would ever get as big as it has. The goal in mind has always been to promote young talented musicians to the next level in the industry.


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Being daring has never been in question when it comes to Chet’s personality. When prompted by Rick Arredondo with the idea of throwing a giant show in town, Chet took on the challenge and decided that Music On The Square would be the perfect name! Through music and art, The Ezekiel Project and Chetsville Promotions are bringing the New Philadelphia, Ohio community together. Experience local musicians and artists live in downtown New Philadelphia, as we unite our community to form bonds and have fun.